Manuscript page limit

There is no restriction on the number of pages, but brevity of papers is greatly encouraged. The length of a paper should be commensurate with the scientific information being reported. In particular, the introductory material should be limited to a few paragraphs and results presented in figures should not be repeated in tables.


Manuscripts should be written in English and it is the responsibility of each author to provide a grammatically correct manuscript for review. Papers may not be sent out for review and may be rejected if they are poorly written in English. Manuscripts should have wide margins. The Abstract should be single-spaced but the rest of the manuscript should use double spacing throughout. Every page of the manuscript, including the title page, references, tables, etc. should be numbered. Manuscripts in general should be organized in the following order:

  • Title (should be clear, descriptive and not too long)
  • Name(s) of author(s)
  • Complete postal address(es)
  • Full telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the corresponding author
  • Abstract: The abstract should be clear, descriptive and not longer than 400 words
  • Key words (indexing terms): 3-6 items


Tables should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in order of appearance in the text. Type each table double-spaced on a separate page with a short descriptive title typed directly above and with essential footnotes below.


All illustrations (line drawings and photographs) should accompany the submitted manuscript but should not be included within the text. Number figures consecutively with Arabic numerals. Avoid colored figures and photographs since the Journal is currently published in black and white. Because of technical complications which can arise by converting color figures to 'grey scale', please submit in addition usable black and white prints corresponding to the color illustrations, if any.


Referees are asked to evaluate whether the manuscript:

  • In the text refer to the author's name (without initial) and the year of publication. Examples: "Since Peterson (1993) has shown that ... " "This is in agreement with results obtained later (Kramer, 1994)".
  • If reference is made in the text to a publication written by more than two authors, the name of the first author should be used followed by "et al." This indication, however, should not be used in the list of references. In this list names of first author and co-authors should be given.
  • Reference citations in the text should be arranged chronologically. This list of references should be arranged alphabetically on authors' names, and chronologically per author. Publications by the same author(s) in the same year should be listed as 1974a, 1974b, etc.
  • Use the following system for arranging your references (consult a recent issue of the journal if necessary):
    1. For periodicals Ahmed, B. and Chowdhury, S. R. (2002). “Coefficient method of analysis for octagonal slab”, Journal of Civil Engineering, Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB); 30(2), 111-122.
  • Abbreviate the titles of periodicals mentioned in the list of references; according to the International List of Periodical Title Word Abbreviations.
  • Work accepted for publication but not yet published should be referred to as "in press".

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